3 Feb

January 1-3 (Fridayt o Sunday)

New Year’s Day

February 11-17 (Thuesday to Wednesday)

Spring Festival

March 15 (Monday) 

National Day (Hungarian holiday)

April 3-5 (Saturday to Monday)


April 02-05 (Friday to Monday)

Good Friday and Easter (Hungarian holiday)

May 1-5 (Saturday to Wednesday)

International Labour Day

May 24 (Monday) 

Whit Monday (Hungarian holiday)

June 12-14 (Saturday to Monday)

Dragon Boat Festival

August 20 (Friday) 

National Day (Hungarian holiday)

September 19-21 (Sunday to Tuesday)

Mid-Autumn Festival

October 1-7 (Friday to Tuesday)

Chinese National Day Holiday

October 23 (Friday) 

National Day (Hungarian holiday)

November 1 (Monday)

All-Saints’ Day (Hungarian holiday)

December 24-26 (Friday to Sunday)

Christmas (Hungarian holiday)

December 31 - January 1 (Friday to Saturday) 

New Year’s Eve