Nearly 128,000 Chinese tourists visited our country until September 2016.  The growing rate increased significantly compared with the previous year and reached 30%.  We can say that the number of Chinese tourists to our country in recent years showed a continuous and sharp increase, and our country has become a destination country which is more and more popular with Chinese tourists. 

The majority of Chinese tourists choose to participate in package tours, so that they can use one exit travel opportunity to visit as many places as possible.  In addition to Hungary, the travel routes provided by Chinese travel agencies usually include Austria and Czech as well (known as the “golden triangle” of Vienna - Budapest - Prague), and at the same time may also include more countries into one package tour.  This is the main reason why Chinese tourists stay a short time in Hungary.  When Chinese tourists came to our country, they are often amazed by the beauty of our capital and our country, and without exception they all feel worthy to stay in Hungary for longer time.  Being more and more well-known, it is expected that tourists will stay in our country for longer time.  In addition to package tour, independent travel or DIY tour gradually becomes popular too in China nowadays, and the demands for tours with a certain theme (culture, health care, sports, wine, food, etc.) also increased.  Our country has a rich culture, a tradition of hospitality and a good public security, which is very competitive in China's tourism market.

Chinese tourists mostly come from China's coastal cities, which are the most developed area in China.  And in the western region, where the second-tier cities are located, the number of outbound tourists is beginning to catch up.  Tourist groups are mainly young white-collars and intellectuals living a pleasant life.  It is worth to mention that these intellectuals are mostly white-collars with overseas study experience.  Chinese people are very keen to travel, and the main purpose is to broaden horizons, to get information, and to compare the country’s comprehensive national strength with other countries.  Their preferred destinations abroad are mainly those countries defined as competitors or powers.  Countries such as the United States, Australia and Western European countries are on their priority list and the preferred cities are Paris, Rome or London.  However, those Chinese people who have already been to these places are more willing to explore to cultures that they know less.  The region of Central and Eastern Europe is exactly such a place, and is becoming more and more popular among Chinese tourists.  

While traveling abroad, Chinese tourists would still keep some hometown habits: they need to eat Chinese food, see Chinese logos and TV programs.  They have a shopping demand and are eager to buy goods of worldwide brands.  Package tours became popular in China at first, during which tourists can visit many countries but sometimes need to speed up the pace.  In addition, the demand for in-depth tours with themes also began to appear, and this form is suitable for both group and individual travel arrangements.


Business tour is a special sector in the tourism industry, which includes conference tourism, incentive travel and international exhibition tour.  In Asia, Singapore is the center of business tour because the country has very convenient transportation facilities and perfect infrastructure.  At the same time, our country is also attractive for China's business travelers because we can provide good and unique meeting places such as wellness hotels.