27 Nov

Attention! Our Mission can only provide general information regarding your journey to Hungary, meanwhile on the entry rules, the National Police Headquarter can provide credible and up-to-date information.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, an extraordinary legal order came into force in Hungary as of November 3, 2020, in accordance with the government's decision. The government has declared a state of emergency for the entire territory of Hungary in order to prevent the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and to protect the health and lives of Hungarian citizens.


Public Health Rules / Quarantine Measures

While entering Hungary, both Hungarian and non-Hungarian citizens must be examined at the borders and they must tolerate this medical examination.

If the health examination reveals suspected infection, the person concerned shall be quarantined in a place designated. For further information, please contact the National Public Health Centre and the Hungarian Police 


Border-Control Entry / Entry Permit.

Chinese travellers - with a residence permit, permanent residence card or Schengen visa (in exceptional cases) – can enter the territory of Hungary.

For further information, please contact the Hungarian Police.

As there are no direct flights from the People’s Republic of China to Hungary at the moment, it is most probable that a traveller has to reach Hungary through one or more countries. Thus, we recommend Chinese citizens to contact the Chinese Embassy in the country of transit for more information on current local regulations.